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TMI PRODUCTS INC., was founded in 1982 when the Tuccinardi brothers began producing Volkswagen door panels in the garage of their family home in Torrance, California. They got their start by tapping into the lucrative market of customizing VWs and wanted to be a part of the local scene.

In the years since that first product was produced, TMI has evolved to offer a wide range of automotive interior components including seating, consoles, floor coverings, door panels, convertible roof assemblies, headliners, and integrated audio systems. That original level of hands-on control has remained by manufacturing all portions of their products from cutting raw materials, laying down every stitch, pouring foam for seats, and final assembly into a finished product. TMI prides itself on being able do all levels of the process in-house.

TMI differentiates itself from competitors by not only offering complete interior components with the “Interior in a Box” innovation, but offers a long list of customization options to meet every need or request of the customer. The range of products that TMI offers can suit any level of a project from restoring a vehicle back to the original specs, to building a full-on custom.

TMI is able to respond to market shifts and trends in the automotive interior industry by leveraging their fast-to-market program and streamlining their production processes, which allows for quick changes to product lines or creating entirely new products altogether. Having complete control over all levels of production also results in the highest level of quality control.

For over 39 years, the specialty at TMI has been to produce high-quality interior components for customers looking to add style and comfort to their vintage vehicle restoration or hot rod, and has since expanded to newer performance models.

From humble beginnings, TMI started as a family-run business and its intention is to stay that way.

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