Welcome to Custom Mustangs

The Worst kept Secret is out! 
We have Moved!! We Have Moved to a Bigger and Newer Premises! 


Wow what a crazy few months it has been!!

We are nice and settled into the shiny new factory and showroom now! However it has taken a lot of late nights, hard work and help!

Not just from the usual friends and family but also some very special customers who also put in to help us!

Thank you so very much to everyone that has helped us over the last few months! We are so very grateful!

This weekend is the Mustang nationals but sadly we will not be there even though we are also sponsoring the event.

We will be closed from 1pm Thursday 18th April and returning on Tuesday 23rd April for the long weekend!

We have decided to re introduce ourselves to our kids and have some nice quiet family time! We hope you all have a super weekend! 
If you have not done so as yet please feel free to come down and have a peek at the new premises 4/87 Clifton Grove Carrum Downs. 


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